Space and Economy Virtual Summit

1st Space & Industrial Economy 5.0 

Sevilla Virtual Summit 

December 16 and 17, 2020


The first edition of the 1st Space & Industrial Economy 5.0 Sevilla Virtual Summit will be held on the 16th and 17th of December, under the title "The Space as preserver of the planet". The meeting, with an unlimited capacity of attendees, will be developed through a series of speeches, presentations, round tables and will value the Spanish industry and its future in the field of maximum internationalization.

The initiative is co-organized by Fibes Sevilla, and will promote the development of innovation, technology and the new industry in Spain, with a clear international vocation and a strong presence in the aerospace sector, as well as a dynamic and innovative vision of the economy. The President of the Space & Industrial Economy 5.0 Sevilla Virtual Summit is the Mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas.

Challenges and opportunities for the Spanish industry in the new post-Covid19 stage


In the current global context, a new opportunity emerges for Spain, the genesis of Society and Industry 5.0, largely driven by spatial innovation, a sector in which our country has a notable presence and can play a leading role, thereby implying an entire ecosystem of great transversality and value:

This ecosystem is already one of the major drivers of the global economy of Society and Industry 5.0, with characteristics such as its high added value, the attraction of large investments and technological innovation.

This fourth industrial revolution is based on digitization, with multiple applications in the industry with great impact on improving the quality of life. In addition, it provides the capacity for technological innovation, the creation of quality jobs and the promotion of new services for citizens.

The virtual Summit will boost the value of Spain in these innovative, technological and global areas, also generating a more accurate perception of our industry and economy, with international, institutional and business relevance. To do this, the meeting will identify all the areas in which our country has broad growth potential, will promote an industrial and technological vision of Spain and its business fabric and will seek solutions to provide our industry with sufficient size to compete in a global world.

The first edition of the Space & Industrial Economy 5.0 Sevilla Virtual Summit will be developed through speeches, presentations and round tables via streaming, which can be followed from all over the world.